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After circling the globe for past three years executive producing slates of international co production projects including Effa, Busby Babes, from companies such as Lailaps, 1066 Productions and Greenworm Productions , SableFilms International founder Ada Vaughan returns to TO to focus her creative energy in her producing and directing.

SableFilms International is incorporated in July 2014 as a production company specializing in producing and executive producing high quality commercially viable theatrical features of mid to high budget.

With ambitious projects on slate, Ada Vaughan, the sole proprietor for the company, has enlisted 4 recent film graduates as co producing interns for the production of her calling card Bath 3D. Using community approach, she places all award winning experienced professional crew from Hugo, Titanic, Resident Evil, Maps of Stars and Stargate as heads of all key departments supervising student interns as they perform their duties. Upon completion, best candidates will continue onto co producing Suki 3D and at least one untitled 2D project.

Both Suki and Crystals will be revised to 3D format targeting the sophisticated Chinese market.


After 5 years, 6 award winning writers, numerous editors, SableFilms' search for the best screenwriter ends with Chris Hastings signing onto Suki.  Later this year, Crystals rewrite will begin. 
All Ada's previous short film works are now made available on IMDB Pro.
In 2012, Ada participated in Berlinale again to solidify relationship with film professionals from investors to distributors.  Her second trip to HKFilmart, this time, via Macau, a gambling casino, provided insights into the industry for her research.  During Cannes,TIFF and AFM, she is delighted to have made important inroads into exclusive circles. 
Ada has been executive producing various projects from 1066 Productions of UK since 2011. 
She established SableFilms International in handling all Executive Producing Projects the same year.
She completed her involvement in executive producing in a Green Worm Production of USA in 2011. 
Ada embarked on her oversea markets strategy in 2011 with participation in EFM, HKFilmart, Cannes and AFM.  While in HK, she took trips to Beijing, China and Hyderabad, India to meet with business leaders and potential investors.  She also visited their largest film studios and famous historic sites for inspirations. 
In 2010, Ada and 4 other 2010 fellow WIDC director participants, along with WIDC producer were invited as panelists during the ACTRA Toronto Members Conference. 
Upon completion of the WIDC program, Ada began to concentrate on writing and developing her film projects namely: Suki and Crystals.
In 2009, Ada was one of 8 filmmakers accepted into the Women in Director’s Chair program in Banff to workshop the main scene from her project Suki.
All Ada’s short film projects were distributed by Ouat Media immediately upon completion.


The Berlin International Film Festival or Berlinale, is one of the world's most respected film festivals with independent filmmakers competing for the first internationally recognised major award called the Golden and Silver Bears.  Its famous film trade fair, European Film Market (EFM) is held simultaneously to the Berlinale.  Ada has participated also in its notorious co-production market last 2 years.


Due to Hong Kong's locale as gateway to China, many international companies representatives never miss this film market as the regional hub for distribution and production of film, TV programs and entertainment-related products in Asia pacific.  Ada often finds BC Film Commision Networking event to be among one of the best. 


The world famous Cannes Film Festival rules over all the international film festivals.  All major film players congregate in Cannes in the first weekend in Spring to do business and to parties.  Its prestious Palm d'Or opens doors to many little know independent filmmakers around the world esp in art films.  Due to hectic meeting schedule, Ada has yet to attend one single screening. 


Ada has regularly attended industry activities in Toronto International Film Festival since 2008.  Because of its September timing, it has become the most important and last film festival for Oscar consideration.  Last year, it has expended its programing reach to include China and India. 


Unlike a film festival, the American Film Market (AFM) is where production and distribution deals are the main focus of the participants, including acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, festival directors, financiers, film commissioners, producers, writers, etc.  They meet in Santa Monica, California annually to network and to sell, finance and acquire films.